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Night Time Hunger

How To Deal With Night Time Hunger

Are those late night snacks to deal with night time hunger keeping you from losing weight? Studies have shown that a lot of people who are overweight tend to eat the same number of calories during the day as those with a healthy weight. The difference, however is that overweight individuals experience night time hunger and consume a lot more of their daily calories late in the day. Eating at night is just easier to do; we feel less inhibited because we tend to be alone. We sit down in front of the TV with a bag of popcorn or chips. We are also less busy than other times of day. If you are serious about losing weight, you need to find ways to deal with late night hunger. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Distract Yourself To Curb Night Time Hunger
Go do something else. If you already had dinner, you are probably just eating because you are bored. When you start craving a snack, find something else to do to keep your mind off eating. Go for a walk or read a good book. Call a friend, or clean out your closet. You’ll soon forget that you were wanting a snack.

Change When You Eat To Avoid Night Time Hunger
Eat more calories throughout the rest of the day. Even if you’re trying to cut calories, eating too little during the day will make you more likely to binge at night. Eating 1500 calories spread out through the day and being satisfied at night is much better than eating 1300 calories during the day and and then munching down on a 500 calorie snack at night. Try to eat the bulk of your calories earlier in the day and fix a light dinner and maybe a fruit, some veggies or a glass of vegetable juice for an evening snack.

Time To Go To Bed
If you get the urge to snack right before it's time to go to bed, just go to bed early. Not only will this keep you from snacking; people who get enough sleep at night tend to eat less calories during the day. Another tip is to go brush your teeth. It signals to your body that it's time to stop eating and get ready for bed.

Sit Down At The Table
No matter what and when you eat during the day, treat it like an actual meal. It is much easier to overeat while we’re doing other things like watching TV or sitting in front of the computer. Eat all your food sitting at your kitchen or dining room table so you don't get distracted. You’ll likely eat less when you are aware what and how much you are eating.

Healthy Snacks To Ease Nigh Time Hunger
If you must snack late at night, think about what you eat. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, or a candy bar, munch on some carrots or low fat yogurt. Go for high fiber and protein which take longer to digest and keep you feeling full longer. It’s also important to eat portioned snacks. This is another good tip to avoid overeating.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Keep in mind that if you decide to eat less at night and stick to it you will see results.

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